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Discover the best ways of loading a firearm and taking down a target!
Clean the casings. Check the brass cases for defects and discard any that are have cracks or excessive dents or bulges. Also, discard any that have deformed primers, indicating excessive pressure during firing.`{`1`}`

Rub the inside of the case with a soft cloth to remove powder residue and dirt. Reach into the case with a case neck brush.
Lubricate the casings to keep them from getting stuck in the sizing die. Spread a light coating of case lubricant on a lube pad and roll several casings across the pad at once. Reapply lubricant to the pad as needed.
Assemble your reloading supplies. Aside from a reloading press and a bunch of free time, you will need:

Cleaned and lubricated casings
Bullets the corresponding size of the shells you’ve collected
Powder appropriate to the size of the shells you’ve collected
Remove the spent primers. Insert each case into the loading press. The handle should be positioned up. Lower the handle to resize the case and push the fired primer out. Raise the handle back up, remove the case and place it in a reloading tray. Repeat this step for all the cases.
Some presses have a rotating tray that allows you to load several at once. You’ll still want to go through the process of de-capping all of the spent casings before you go loading any of them. It’ll be tedious, but worth it in the end.
Insert a new primer into the case. Raise the handle to its highest position and place a new primer into the cup of the primer arm. Insert a case into the shell holder. Push the primer arm into the ram slot and lower the case onto the primer.`{`2`}`

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Take down a Target

Taking down a target is very simple, all you need is a high level of concentration and perfect aiming.

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Unlimited Range time – $12.00 (per visit)

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