50 Rounds of .22 Short Ammo by Aguila – 29gr CPRN

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Manufacturer – Aguila
Bullets – 29 grain Copper Plated Round Nose
Casings – Rimfire primed brass
Quantity – 50 rounds

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50 Rounds of .22 Short Ammo by Aguila – 29gr CPRN


  These .22 Shorts are great for low-noise pest control or target practice with bolt-action rifles. Aguila, a Mexican manufacturer, makes these rounds using the famous Eley priming method which results in more reliable ignition with clean, complete powder consumption.

Each rimfire cartridge is topped with a copper-washed, 29 grain projectile which leaves very little residue behind in your firearm for long-term accuracy.

The .22 caliber projectile profile has an enlarged, ribbed bourrelet which boasts increased rifling contact for improved stability and accuracy downrange.

With a muzzle velocity of 1,095 feet-per-second, these subsonic rounds are great for suppressed use.

Aguila has a great reputation for quality and possesses experience dating back to 1961.

Their products are known for consistent performance, high grade components, and affordable prices.

2 reviews for 50 Rounds of .22 Short Ammo by Aguila – 29gr CPRN

  1. Michael Arevalo

    This place is great, it’s a small store but it has a lot to offer. I was calling all the major retails for a certain item (ammo) and everywhere I looked it was all sold out. It’s embarrassing that all these big gun stores in Southern Cali cannot keep up with everything. This store has almost everything you need including magazines and accessories as well. And then let’s talk about price, when others have it they charge an arm and a leg but here it was decently priced for the current situation that we are in. I give this store and A+. Will recommend this store to others.

  2. Amanda Davies

    Great customer service! They do there very best to accommodate in these difficult times

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