1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula – 122gr FMJ

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Manufacturer – Tula
Bullets – 122 grain full metal jacket
Casings – Berdan-primed steel
Quantity – 1000 rounds per case
Muzzle Velocity – 2,396 fps

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1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula – 122gr FMJ


1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula ,  It is time to stock up on some cheap 7.62x39mm ammo for your AK or SKS, before the next run on the market happens.

This ammo is manufactured in Russia, and comes loaded with a 122 grain full metal jacket bullet.

This load for 7.62×39 is excellent for range training and is almost the exact same bullet weight that the Soviet military would

have used. And in true Russian fashion, this ammo is loaded using non-corrosive Berdan primers, and a steel casing.

Also, this ammo might be loaded with a zinc plated bullet instead of a copper plated bullet.

Tula started plating their bullets with zinc, instead of copper, to save money, and to provide its customers with a bullet that causes less barrel wear.

3 reviews for 1000 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by Tula – 122gr FMJ

  1. Knuckles Washout

    FANTASTIC place to shop. If you are newer to the Ammo world this is your store. They do all they can to educate and help you with what you need on their website or may think you need. Its rare these days to go into an Ammo store with multiple folks working all with the same attitude of positive help. Great guys to deal with!! All of them. I have been their twice now and I live 90 minutes away but will always go there for my needs or place an order online. They make a difference.

  2. Baltazar Agamata

    Great experience and very professional

  3. Anderson

    Great experience all-around! Omar is very kind and knowledgeable with the FFL transfer process. He was very accommodating to my work schedule and was able to complete my transfer in a timely manner without hassle. I would strongly recommend!

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