1000 Rounds of .17HMR Ammo by Winchester Super-X – 20gr XTP


Ammo Quantity – 1,000 rounds per case; 50 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Winchester
Projectiles – 20 grain XTP
Ammo Casings – Rimfire-primed brass

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1000 Rounds of .17HMR Ammo by Winchester Super-X – 20gr XTP


When you’re hunting extraordinarily dangerous game such as the red squirrel, prairie dog, or the pocket gopher, you’ve

got to have ammunition that you can confidently stake your life on.

If you’re venturing out into wild rodent country, then you couldn’t be much better served than you will by this 17 HMR

cartridge by Winchester.

What’s more, because it’s a Super-X round, it won’t eat into your budget for other adventuring supplies, either.

This cartridge has the precision drawn brass casing, sensitive and non-corrosive rimfire primer, and clean burning propellant

charge you need for optimal performance. Its bullet, a 20 grain XTP by Hornady, has a jacket that is engineered to

unleash deadly, explosive expansion without fail.

This round’s consistent 2,375 fps muzzle velocity and uniformly dense projectile translate to exceptional accuracy — you’ll

only need one shot to take down even the burliest beaver in the marshlands.

Winchester Super-X ammunition utilizes the highest quality components and precise manufacturing processes.
The resulting ammunition delivers outstanding performance,
consistency, and reliability.
This rimfire ammunition is loaded with a Hornady XTP hollow point bullet.
These bullets are known to deliver devastating stopping power as they expand to 1.5 times their original diameter at a
wide variety of velocities.


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