Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Gun Powder

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Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Gun Powder



Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Powder (8 lb.) - Precision Reloading Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Gun Powder 4 lb ALLIANT POWDER BULLSEYE POWDER | Brownells

  • Every field of Alliant Smokeless Powder is sponsored through a century of producing revel in and the maximum exacting excellent manage methods withinside the industry. Chemical composition, grain form and size, and average density are continuously checked and examined in a ballistics lab to make certain consistency.
  •   Alliant Bullseye Powder in inventory now for sale turned into at the start added to shooters in 1913. It’s speedy burning, consistent, low cost and perfect for loading forty five ACP goal hundreds.
  • Warnings from the Manufacturer: Do now no longer exceed the hundreds displayed withinside the reloaders guide. Never blend any powders no matter type, brand, or source. Never replacement any smokeless powder for Black Po

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