Magpul Gen 2 MOE PMAG 30rd Magazine for AK-47 – 7.62x39mm – Black


Quantity – 1 Magazine
Capacity – 30 Rounds
Caliber – 7.62x39mm
Firearm Platform – AK-47 Platform
Manufacturer SKU – MAG572-BLK


AK47 magazine loader in stock

ak47 magazine loader in stock, You see comrade, when you choose to shoot superior Russian weapon, you need superior magazine.

That is why you need PMAG by Magpul. Do not worry about breaking such magazine — polymer it is made of is strong, like Russia herself.

Remember last year when Sergei laugh and make fun of you because you drop magazine in snow? With Magpul magazine, no such thing happen. Texturing makes sure of that.

When defending Motherland, there is no time for mistake. Magpul magazine has stainless steel spring. Such spring lasts for very long time — maybe longer than you, but not longer than Russia. Russia last forever.

Do you want to clean magazine? You will like flared floor plate. Makes cleaning easy, doesn’t make magazine so fat it can’t fit in pouch.

Want to make sure Sergei doesn’t steal magazine like he did last year? Put initials on it — paint pen dot matrix panels make possible. Now go, comrade, shoot many things with quality 30 round magazine.


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