1000 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by Federal Ballisticlean – 100gr Frangible


Ammo Quantity – 1000 rounds per case; 50 rounds per box
Ammo Manufacturer – Federal
Projectiles – 100 grain frangible
Ammo Casing – Boxer-primed brass

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If you’re searching for a premium law-enforcement training round acceptable for indoor range use, you’ve found it with this 9mm ammo by Federal Ballisticlean.

Federal’s 9mm Ballisticlean cartridges consist of 100gr frangible bullets, clean-burning powders, and copper-lined Boxer-primers. Backsplash and flying bullet fragments are greatly reduced with this 9mm ammo; the frangible bullets disintegrate on impact when they hit metal targets, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable steel target training experience for all. Federal uses newly minted brass casings for this 9mm ammo that are reloadable and non-corrosive.

Regardless of what you plan on using it for, Federal Premium ammunition is always a good choice. They’ve been producing top-quality ammo since 1922, and they continue to produce innovative offerings shooters can enjoy. Order your 1000-round bulk case of this 9mm Luger ammo today!


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