.38 Super Ammo

.38 super Ammo for sale

Buy .38 super Ammo for your handguns such as; 1911 .38 super, .38 super ballistics, .38 super colt, .38 super brass, colt .38 super, .38 super revolver, sig p220 .38 super.

Although there exist similar names, 38 Super as a caliber has nothing to do with 38 special. In fact, the super’s origins stem from the .38 ACP cartridge. When ammo manufacturers realized that the 1911 style pistols could bear more pressure than other handguns, they powered up the .38 cartridge and starting offering 38 Super for sale. While popularity of the round has hovered up and down throughout its long history, 38 Super is one of the first calibers to rely upon the speed of a bullet for power rather than the weight or sheer size.

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