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Mega Ammo Supply was recently founded in 2017  by a group of retired armed forced individuals who have served and been of great service to the US Army with a great number of different Missions/operations at that time. Our primary purpose is to provide clients with a stock of mega ammo at very affordable retail or wholesale Mega Supply prices.

And ship our products from Florida, USA to other states in USA. Canada, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world at very low shipping cost.

We know and understand how difficult it is to find a reliable source of ammo in the market today. But we work as hard to make sure we offer clients a satisfying service and supply of various kinds of firearm ammo to all states in U.S and other Countries.

More so, Members of the team have experience in law enforcement, law enforcement training, the military, and just plain ole range time. When it comes to experience in supplying large quantities of ammunition to Shooters in need, our staff is experienced and well-prepared to become your private armorer.

In addition to many years of collective experience in supplying and using bulk ammo supply, other members of our staff are also very skilled at developing software and systems to keep our costs low so that we can keep our prices low. Using a well-established shopping cart system, our website displays only the items that we have in stock and ready for immediate shipment. You can shop our site confidently knowing that what you see is what is available. It is that simple. What’s more is that once you place your order, our system closely tracks your shipment to make sure it gets into the hands of a carrier quickly (same day in most cases) and ultimately on your doorstep.

If you have any further questions, just call us  or send us an e-mail by clicking here . If we do not pick up the phone right away, just leave us a message and we will return your call promptly.

We look forward to becoming your armorer.

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Shooting Range

Nothing Feels more better than taking down a difficult target.



Although ammo is now scarce in the market, we still stand by our words to provide clients with the most available ammos by maintaining a steady price.


We make Shooting more exiting and less dangerous to users, We run a monthly competition and offers a great prize to the best shooter.

Age Limit

Possessing a firearm is mainly needed for self protection and adventure, but its quite dangerous and against the law to own a firearm at under age levels. You must be 18yrs and above to buy from us.


We care a lot about our community and we take the law seriously. Gun rights is not for every age or everyone. Most deceased cases in the US origins gunshots, We do not sell unlicensed firearm or other accessories to convicts.

Excellent Facility

We provide a very conducive environment for both shooting range and refreshments, Our shooting range is quite big and well divided so as to enhance the shooting experience for our clients.

Ammo Variety

Every week we supply a huge variety of ammo and other accessories both as retail and wholesale to clients within the U.S, Canada, Europe and other regions. All sold at very affordable rate.
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